Monday, February 23, 2009

Vagabondism #30

30 Be thankful for the person who sharpens you when you have grown dull.


Beth said...

You're one of the ones I'm thankful for, D. :)

krissy knox said...

Beautiful. I was talking about this with a friend today. Sometimes it may hurt to be sharpened when you're dull, but it's best in the end. Because it is not good to be dull. I was asking said friend why some people don't want to be sharpened. She said some just don't want to change, but still come to you and say they do. I asked her why do they come to her anyway then? She says some small part of them wants to change. So she just sharpens them, plants seeds. How wonderful it is when two are sharp, and sharpen each other! Steel sharpens steel! There is something about this in the Bible... Anyway, thanks for staying sharp and being willing to sharpen others, D...

krissy knox :)
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