Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vagabondism #281

281 The snow spreads its icy hands across the roof and waits. Then, when the warmth inside the house gives the signal, it slides off the roof, with a roar of joy, to the ground below, like children on their sleds.


Liz said...

The warmth that removes the icy hand across the roof comes from the sun.
No amount of warmth from a house can melt the heart of nature she answers only to the power that sustains her and the stars that gave her birth.
This is a question that asks do we look outside or inside of ourselves for the reason of our being.
Me? I hear the cries of the children.

Liz said...
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natalie said...

Sweet! do you have kids?:)
it sings of them! cheers!
come visit!


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