Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vagabondism #199

199 How odd it is that those ahead of you may treat you as a leader while those behind you think they are ahead.


a corgi said...

that is odd; I get this and I understand it in my mind, but to put it down in words might make it all jumbled, will have to think more about this one this morning


Liz said...

Not odd at all if those ahead of you are waiting for you to pick them up, while those behind you believe they do not need any help.

Liz said...

As odd as time when frozen in one thought.
Those in the future may treat you as a leader that gave them their present while those behind you in the past think they are the pioneers for their present.

You live in your present and can look back for guidance from others who have already trodden your road successfully and forward to mark a trail that others will wish to follow.

There is only one time for all of us in which we choose our way.
The present.

There are two times we should always remember while we make our choice.
The past and the future.


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